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KeyMACRO is a powerful multilingual macro recorder. It allows you to record any keyboard and mouse actions and to play them back later. You can use KeyMACRO to create automatic applications or shortcuts on your desktop. You can also play the recorded keyboard or mouse actions back to simulate the click on a button, type a text or change a setting on a web page.
KeyMACRO is fast and simple to use. During the recording process, the number of duplicated actions can be limited. In addition, the application is very portable. You can save the file on a floppy disk, CD or upload it to the web.
KeyMACRO comes with a very pleasant, user-friendly interface. It is not a collection of cryptic options, menus and buttons. The interface is nicely designed and organized.
KeyMACRO allows you to limit the number of duplicate actions in the recording process. You can also choose the filter used to prevent duplicated events.
You can make macros with or without mouse or keyboard input. Keyboard macros can be performed by pressing the hotkeys of the keyboard, while mouse macros are performed by clicking a mouse button.
KeyMACRO includes a time scheduler to add or delete events. You can also choose the time interval between each action.
You can save your macros in many different file formats. The settings can also be saved in the registry.
KeyMACRO can record two actions at once. However, the second action is limited to the selected action type.
KeyMACRO supports conditional execution. That means you can choose the actions or settings to be recorded only if the application is active.
KEYMACRO also supports multi-monitor setups.
MACROS with Keyboard Input:
For a first step, you can create a simple macro to type a text on a web page.
Step 1: Record your typing action:
Go to the Edit menu and select Start Recording. You can also choose the type of action to be recorded from the Action List.
Go to the Options menu and choose the Filters Tab. You can also edit the event timings.
Click Start. The application will start recording your typing actions.
Step 2: Playback the recorded actions:
Go to the Options menu and choose Playback.
Click Playback. The recorded keyboard or mouse actions will be played back to simulate a click on a button, type a text or change a setting on a web page.
Step 3: Create the macro:
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